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VERONICA: Veronica's Career stops include Legislative Assistant for Long Beach Mayor Beverly O'Neill; Legislative Analyst for Councilwoman Laura Richardson; Community Engagement Director for the American University of Health Sciences; owner and operator of two restaurants and bars, and an event coordinator for a private financial planning firm. Veronica graduated from Huntington Academy in 2015 and opened the first Permanent Cosmetics Studio in Long Beach Califronia.

IVANA TATTOO ART: Ivana is a celebrity tattoo artist, she is known worldwide for her unique brand of creativity. She is the only woman in the world whose tattoo art is certified as contemporary fine art by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. She is the owner and creator of ITA a Luxury Lifestyle Brand, ITA Los Angeles a Luxury Tattoo Brand, she is a two time published author, gifted illustrator, clothing designer, and photographer. She is a self taught artist who has been perfecting her style for over 20 years.  She has won multiple awards and has participated in some of the most prestigious international tattoo shows in the industry. Her work has been displayed in various exhibitions and she has collaborated with several art schools internationally.  Her tattoos are positive, playful, beautiful, sometimes mischievous and always fun.  Her style is innovative, sophisticated, and eclectic; a sexy mixture of multiple genres combining funky, bright colors and abstract elements with street style and high art. Her trademark style is instantly recognizable and has garnered fans and admirers worldwide.

Collectively, they have traveled all over the world teaching their craft while erasing stigmas and removing boundries. This duo's extensive travel and combined knowledge reflects on the skin they touch @ivanatattooart & @itaallure Ivana & Veronica


Because art comes in many forms.


We are dedicated to providing MODERN permanent cosmetic services and elite one on one training in all of the most popular permanent cosmetics techniques applied manually or with the machine.

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ITA Academy has developed not just a training class, but an entire business program that ensures our student’s maximum success in their career and business. Including an elaborate session on positive lifestyle to ensure the mental and physical health of our students.

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Ivana’s ITA Los Angeles accessories are a reflection of where her Tattoo Fashion and sophisticated fun meet to bring to life an embellished collection that makes every outfit unique

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Ivana Tattoo Art has launched her clothing line: ITA LOS ANGELES, TATTOO LUXURY BRAND. Her quality pieces reflect some of her fans' favored tattoos depicted in premium prints.

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A stringent evaluation of the world’s contemporary tattoo artists was conducted by fine art critics and Ivana Belakova aka IVANA TATTOO ART became the FIRST and ONLY WOMEN in the world to be recognized as a Contemporary artist for her funky color and illustrative street style of tattooing.

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Beauty by Marza. Marzsa is a Registered Nurse who has been in the medical field for over 20 yrs. She has experience with administering Glutathione infusions, Myers Cocktails (vitamin infusions), Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio frequency facials and earned her Fibroblast Skin Tightening Certification through the European Prive' Academy. She is a Master Trainer and performs Fibroblast treatments in Southern California.

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